Guest Post from Sally - An Organised Interior

Would this amazing Poliform wardrobe look as stunning if there were clothes crammed in the drawers, coats on the floor and rows of empty coat hangers (because your laundry is unwashed and unironed)?

The importance of organisation cannot be underestimated in having a stunning interior!

Yes, I know I can be pedantic– I could dream of nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than a Friday night at home, a glass of Savignon Blanc in one hand – my labeling machine in the other…

Being organised is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also can be an extremely liberating exercise! It is really quite surprising what a short amount of time it takes to maintain an organised office or home.

For those who are time poor – employ a professional organiser to coach you to a more streamlined home and life. For those of you who feel you have the time, motivation and skills to “go it alone”, there are some fantastic products to help you.

Kikki-k is my absolute favourite site. The passionate founder – Kristina “Kikki” Karlsson was a girl passionate about Swedish Design, and organisation. Longing for an office which would be an extension of her personality and her love of all things beautiful – she created Kikki-k.

So, I challenge you – take the opportunity THIS WEEKEND – to organise a drawer or a cupboard or your coffee table. You might be inspired to do one more! Don’t try to tackle your whole house in a weekend. I guarantee you will feel absolutely FANTASTIC once you have done it. But, believe me, a glass of wine in one hand makes it SO much more enjoyable….

There you have it - that's my passion - beautiful & ORGANISED interiors. For more information on professional organisation please contact me at Black & Spiro as we are about to set up an Organised Interiors department at Black & Spiro. My email address is

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