Saturday Night With Friends

Sometimes it can be so wonderful just to sit with a very close friend and chat. Tonight we visited our friends at their house and while the children played happily downstairs and the men watched a movie upstairs, Annie and I just sat in her beautiful lounge room with the candles lit and some of her amazing French music playing in the background. We had planned to leave the children with our husbands and then go to a late movie but instead we started to chat and then we decided that we were having so much fun that we would cancel the movie and stay and chat some more. We looked through some of her books and magazines on her gorgeous collection filled coffee table whilst we enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine. We talked about everything. I so much enjoyed this time with my friend. We have so much in common and whilst some people would think that we are mad talking about the things we talk about - we think we are quite normal!! We even discussed the prospect of setting up a monthly design book/magazine club with our other friends!! As I have said before friendship to me is a very important element of my life and nights like these are recorded in my memory forever and ever. Thanks Ann for being my friend and for such a fun, relaxing and memorable night!!
Photo's above are of Annie's collection of things on her coffee table.


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