Everyone's Talking About Pink & Brown...

Pink & Brown setting by Jan Showers above.

Pink and Brown in nature above.

The Barclay Butera room as posted by Amy at Design DNA.

The Ruthie Sommers Pink and Brown and White room above as posted by Stylecourt.

A Pink and Brown patterned fabric above available from Black & Spiro.

There's alot being said around the traps about Pink and Brown. Stylecourt has been talking about the combination of Pink & Brown in some of her posts lately with a reader asking her advice about the use of Pink and Brown in her nursery. Stylecourt also posted recently the room I have pictured above by the much decorated American designer Ruthie Sommers - again the mix of Pink and Brown with White trims is evident. New Blogger friend, Amy from the beautiful Blog, Design DNA posted about the juxtaposition of Pink, Brown and Gold on her site a couple of weeks ago claiming that it is one of her favourite colour combinations. The above photo of a lounge room by Barclay Butera was posted by Amy and I just loved it so much that I had to include it in my post today. I have added a few Pink & Brown things I have found and also a picture of a setting by Jan Showers which I adore. The way I think of this colour combo is - it's like neopolitan icecream - Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla - what a great combination!! What are your thoughts, do you like Pink and Brown as a colour combination?


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