Fromental - Taking the World by Storm

Tim Butcher and Lizzy Deshayes above

Tim Butcher is the former Creative Director for the world renowned Chinoiserie house, De Gournay. He has also trained as a weaver and has had vast experience designing silks for the likes of Paul Smith and Ralph Lauren. Believing there was a broader niche to that which was being satisfied by other companies in the market place for hand painted wallpaper Tim and his wife, Lizzy Deshayes pooled their immense individual talents in 2005 to create hand made wallpaper company, Fromental. This multi-talented team intends to take the world by storm by establishing Fromental as a world leader in hand made wallpaper.

Butcher was recently quoted in The World of Interiors December 2006 edition as saying "I love it when wallpaper covers every surface, when it goes around the chimney and has a door cut into it. That's when it is not a painting - it's decoration - no matter how beautiful it is - and that to me is when wallpaper comes to life."

Using this ideology as a basis for their creations the pair have made the wallpapers to be all non-repeating designs conceived for entire rooms rather than just one wall - even though I would personally still use the papers in both sections and entire rooms.

Their unique ordering process involves providing the specific measurements of the area to be papered in order to customise the pattern and design to suit your particular space. You can expect to wait approximately 6-10 weeks for your special order to be processed and delivered.

I am currently considering some of the Fromental papers in the redesign of my office at Black & Spiro - my decision is still pending. More on that to come...


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