Hawaiian Quilts - A Design Legacy

After being in Hawaii over the holidays I thought I would show you some of the beautiful quilts they produce. Everytime I go to Hawaii I love to look at the quilts and cushions they make. I have only ever bought 6 cushions which I purchased when I was there last August. I find that I can never choose as they are all so beautiful. Maybe next trip I will get some more. I have listed below an excerpt from "Hawaiian Quilting Poakalani & Co. " by Cissy Serrao.

"In 1820 the Royal wives of two reigning chiefs were invited aboard the brig Thaddeus for what is known today in the history books as the first quilting circle ever held in the Hawaiian Islands. This quilting circle was just the start of an art that would continue for the next 175 years and beyond and this quilting circle would play an integral part in the record keeping of the history of the Hawaiian people.

The Hawaiian women would also design their quilts based on their beautiful floral surroundings, their old gods, their legends and their sovereign nation. Their quilt designs encompassed their beautiful flowers such as the Mokihana, the Liko Lehua, the Ulei berries to their travels from Tahiti, to the flag quilts which symbolized their self identity in a rapidly changing world. They named their quilts in memory of their love ones who had passed on to the spiritual world and even their grandchildren who has yet to been born. They also designed their quilts after major events in the islands. Every quilt they made had its purpose. No quilt was made to just pass the time. It was believed that some quilt designs even came to the designer and quilter in their dreams.

Today the legacy of Hawaiian quilting and designing is still popular in Hawaii. New designs are being made everyday. What makes Hawaiian quilting unique are the designs. The technique of quilting is the same almost all over the world but the style and design of the Hawaiian quilts is what makes Hawaiian quilts Hawaiian. "

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