Preview of What's to Come at Black & Spiro

I know this picture is very poor quality, crooked and smaller than a pea however, this is the only picture available of the brand new fabric collection by Manuel Canovas which won't be released in Australia until March. This fabric is what I am using as the feature fabric in the new display at Black & Spiro which will be in store by late April. Stay tuned as I will be posting about the development of this display over the next 3 months so that you all have an inside view of how I put together a scheme and how I make my selections and then how I implement those selections into a room or shop display. I will be encouraging your interaction with this display and I will be posting pictures of my inspiration board and all the bits and pieces I consider to be options for the display. I will be asking your feedback all the way through. This will be very exciting and it will give you all a chance to be involved with the development of a scheme and the next big display at Black & Spiro. I pose you all the question - How do you feel about being involved in the development of this scheme?

I can't wait to hear from you.



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